Ive made many mistakes in my short life but one thing I never did was give up on my dreams. Music saved my life! When I was younger I used writing as an escape from reality. Its kind of cool because when writing you can shape and form things the way you want. There is no wrong or right. Often times I was picked on in school for always writing instead of playing with the other kids.

 I always knew I was different. I figured out I was very good and have been working on perfecting my craft since..

  I look up to artists like Twista, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Trina, and Lil Wayne. Anything I touch I promise it’ll have you moving your body and surely touch your heart. I want to change the world with my music. I rap about my life experiences as well as things I’ve seen in my life

Photo taken in 2015                                                  Asia Eli, 22, West L.A. Rapper

Take a walk with me through my musical journey. We can only go up from here.

Photo taken in 2014 in Inglewood, CA                                             

West L.A. Rapper

Juggin and blogging
all work no play y’all
NCM Inc. #elimovement

I’m starting this blog because I’d like to introduce myself to you all. I’m Asia Eli, 22, from West L.A California and Music has been a great impact on my life since age 15. I have great acoustic guitar talent.

Photo taken in 2015, Lancaster, CA

I am a poet as well as a storyteller. I am proud to say that I wrote all my music.

Photo taken in 2015, in Buena Park, CA

My music will make you move your body, make you want to get up and grind, it’ll also make you want to set someone in their place if you know what I mean. My music is based on my life experiences as well as life through Asia Eli’s eyes.

Photo taken in 2015, Midvale, UT


  Take a walk with me through my music, my struggles, my journey. And ride it out with me y’all. The come up is on the way .

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